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adaptations for stage

The king David Report

based on the novel by Stefan Heym,

Gesher theatre, 2016

Pigeon and a Boy,

based on a novel

by Meir Shaelv,

Gesher theatre, 2011

Enemies, a Love Story, based on a novel by Bashevis-Singer,

Gesher theatre 2008,

Sovremennik theatre 2011

The Adventures of 


based on the novel by Sholom Aleichem,

Tmuna theatre, 2007,

Takoi Theatre, 2011.


based on a novel by Joseph Roth,

Malenki theatre, 2010

Schwartz and other animals,

based on Malamud, Besson and Chekhov,

Gehser theatre, 2007

Anti, based on

Antigone by Jean Anouilh, Gesher theatre, 2013

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