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       The short story project

  • The stamp
    ZEEK, 2010

  • Mosquito
    First published in World Literature Today
    Vol. 89, No. 3-4, May-August 2015, pp. 96-98

  • Mosquito
    TLV1, 2015 - audio

  • Diamond Dust
    "From "Tel-Aviv Tales

  • The Lungers
    "From "Tel-Aviv Tales

  • The Stone
    "From "Tel-Aviv Tales

  • אגדת ים, סרטון אנימציה מאת פולינה אדמוב על פי סיפור מתוך ״תל של אביב״

  • שנת לידה: 2018,
    סיפור קצר (באתר יקום תרבות)

  • סאדו-מאזו בארץ הקודש
    ניתן לקריאה או לשמיעה באתר מעבורת

  • לב של אבן,
    סיפור קצר מתוך "תל של אביב"
    (פורסם באתר "מעבורת", 2017).

  • האבן,
    סיפור קצר מתוך "תל של אביב"
    (פורסם ב"נקודתיים", 2011).

  • יתוש,
    סיפור קצר מתוך "תל של אביב",
    (פורסם באתר קורא בספרים, 2015).

  • העיר ש',
    באתר הארץ,מתוך
    "13 הסיפורים הטובים לשנת 2004"

  • Марка
    рассказ из книги
    "Тель-Авив. Холм весны"

  • Чахоточные
    рассказ из книги
    "Тель-Авив. Холм весны"
    Двоеточие, 2010

  • История о камне
    рассказ из книги
    "Тель-Авив. Холм весны"
    Двоеточие, 2021



Great Uproar

A novel

A daughter, a mother and a grandmother look for some peace and quiet, in this time of great uproar we live in. 

Gabriela, the daughter, is a young cellist in a Tel-Aviv art school. Through her ears we hear a huge variety of sounds in search of silence.

Noa, the mother, receives as a present for her birthday a Vipassana weekend on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Unable to keep her mouth shut, she discovers the silence in a surprising place.

Tzipora, the grandmother, is a grumpy literary translator, a devout atheist whom God chooses as a prophetess, and ask her to announce that three disasters are about to come upon the world: Plague, War and Great Uproar.

Everything comes together when all three women meet for a Shabbat dinner that includes gefilte fish, carrots and horseradish.

A wild, entertaining and touching story about the relationship between a woman and her mother, between a woman and her daughter, and between a woman and herself.


Keter publishing house, 2023

Keter publishing house 2023


Keter publishing house 2020


Phantom-press publishing house 2021

עטיפה נשמות איטלקית.jpg


A novel

Grisha’s life story spans over four hundred years. He was born in a 17th century Jewish Shtetl and ever since then he has been living and dying, jumping from body to body, from one century to another. Constantly being reborn. But what is the driving force of these endless reincarnations? Is it atonement for an ancient sin, unfulfilled love, or simply pure coincidence?

Sounds like total bullshit, right? Well his mother thinks so too! She forces herself into the story with an overwhelming urge to mediate Grisha’s so-called memories, converting them into (what she considers) his real biography. There is only one Life, she says, everything else is a metaphor.

I'm four hundred years old- Grisha says, and his mom corrects: You're forty, but you act like a four-year-old. He insists, I spent my youth in Venice, she says: We had water running in the hallway, because of the goddamn sewage pipes. He shouts: I was a woman in Morocco, she screams: Give me back my dress, you pervert! He cries, I died over and over again! She mutters: Me too, all because of you.

The two protagonists of Souls are in constant merciless battle over the reader’s heart. Who will prevail? Soul or body, fantasy or reality, the son, the mother or the Holy Spirit? Is life ultimately a gift or punishment? And who is the soul-mate Grisha is looking for over centuries?

Thanks to an extensive research, Souls opens a window to fascinating chapters in Jewish history. From the birth of the Jewish theater in the 17th century, through the cultural wealth of the Jewish ghetto in 18th century Venice, everyday life of a Jewish woman in 19th century Morocco, to the recent story of former Soviet Union immigration to Israel in the 20th century.

Souls is a genuinely fresh and original novel. Sophisticated, funny and heartbreaking. It moves effortlessly between genres and periods of history, yet stays deeply inspired by the Jewish roots of its author, who aspires to see himself as a citizen of the world, and sometimes even succeeds.

Souls was translated into Italian and Russian.

Tel Aviv Tales

A dozen urban-modern fairy tales


The heroes of this short stories collection are people, animals and stones.

Among them you will meet a drowning boy with an attitude, a doctor who suffers from tuberculosis, a woman who gives away her identity for a handkerchief, a bat who is in love with a cat, a mosquito that hates poetry events, a fish hungry for air and a hedgehog who is the head of an amateur theater.

All of them are walking on the dark side of the bright city of Tel-Aviv.

Chen explores the territory of myth and recreates the city through the eyes of someone who was born there, but will always feel like an immigrant.   

"The opening night of the new Hebrew literary canon." (Haaretz)

"Short Stories that deserves long applause." (Ynet)

"Chen’s urban fairy-tales are the Israeli version of Ovid’s metamorphoses." 

Kibbutz-Meuhad publishing house 2005

לעמוד הספר באתר ההוצאה

Ink horses

A novel


Adam, an orphan teenager, meets on the wall ramparts of Jerusalem a group of outcasts that change his point of view on reality.

Although the story takes place in Jerusalem in the early 2000s, his characters roll feasts, philosophize, compete in writing poems, lead a decadent way of life and even fight a duel.

Can Adam get away from reality and reach heavenly Jerusalem? Will Tamara respond to his courtship? And could he free her from this cult that became her family?

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