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A play about love, theatre, and love for theatre


We are sorry to announce that today’s show is canceled! This is how this story begins.

Luckily, Grandpa Zeev, a former actor, is in the audience with his grandchild Neri. Zeev goes on stage and teaches Neri and all the other spectators about the magic of theatre. He persuades Neri to help him tell a love story. but wait! Not that kind of a love story! It is full of adventures and it’s scary and dangerous!  The only thing is that in order to tell this kind of a story a boy is not enough. You need a girl too…

Luckily, Grandma Shoshana is in the audience with her granddaughter Noga who dreams to become an actress.  Noga is a girl from Neri’s class, and, well… They hate each other. 

Neri and Noga embark on a fascinating journey. They meet an enchanted bear, they almost drown in the “Upside-Down Swamp”, the dance with the crazy Baron and Baroness, and if that’s not enough there is a huge snowstorm. Oh, and a two headed dog… and… that’s enough for now.    

Finally, they realize that sometimes the lie of the theatre is more real than truth itself.



Grandpa Zeevik (Wolf) / Forest Man / Baron / Father

Neri His grandson / Young Wolf

Grandmother Shoshana (Rosalind) / Forest woman / Baroness / Mother

Noga Her granddaughter / Rosalinda in childhood 

Asher / Horse / Bear/ Frog / Peacock / Two-headed dog 


The play was directed by Amir Y. Wolf in Gesher theatre, 2016.

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